Strategic Minds is an international network of strategists that specialize in business development and marketing. We collaborate with privately owned local and international brands and businesses in the design, implementation and monitoring of their business strategies.

Founded in Puerto Rico, our business was born by mirroring the passion local businesses show as they strive towards success. Our goal is simple, to help entrepreneurs with the tools, services and support to compete one-on-one with international powerhouses.

Through our proprietary methodology and proven solutions, we apply marketing and consumer behavior principles to all business decisions helping our clients to make smart choices in their path of business growth. At Strategic Minds, we empower our clients to make lasting improvements in the performance of their business models, operations, culture, marketing and sales, all key areas to achieve sustainable business results.


Our Methodology

Our methodology, born from decades of experience, ensures a consistent service, based on a scientific process, across all our strategies and solutions.



The Strategic Executive Suite is a set of products designed with the medium business leader in mind. The Executive Suite covers the three fundamental areas of your business financial growth; your product and your operations; your people and the culture of your business, and your ability to position your products in the market to lead your industry within your segment and category. This product line is specially designed to cover the needs of your C-level Leadership team, including solutions for your Human Resources and Marketing teams. If your company doesn’t have a Human Resources or Marketing leader, our team of strategists will fill the void so you can achieve your goals. The Strategic Executive Suite has demonstrated to exponentially grow and permanently transform our clients’ businesses in the short, medium and long-term time frame.

  • START - A monthly strategy that will help you work on multiple areas of opportunity of your company.
  • VISUALIZE - A strategic business plan that collaborates with the President of the company and its leadership team in the design of strategies to accelerate the financial growth of the company.
  • INFLUENCE – A strategic plan of internal communications and organizational culture. It identifies the obstacles in communication and balances the needs of all generations represented in your workforce to increase the personnel’s satisfaction and focus.
  • GROW – A marketing and integrated communications plan. It studies the client’s patterns of behavior and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions on a daily basis to connect your product to a need.
  • CONNECT - The design and implementation of strategies for the growth of a company based on local external communications.


We offer strategic consulting services that include:

  • Business planning
  • Business and process innovation
  • Internal communications
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • External communications
  • Business development
  • Marketing outsourcing
  • Local store marketing
  • Corporate events
  • Mobile apps
  • Web development
  • Traffic generation
  • Sales strategies
  • Mergers & acquisitions communication strategies
  • Rebranding



At Strategic Minds, we have experience working with different industries in different countries. These industries are the following:

  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Non-for-profit
  • Restaurants


Our Business Strategists live for the Strategic Minds creed of spinning constant progress in our clients' business goals.

To ensure this, we take a consistent approach in the recruitment and development of our teams. From partners to tacticians, our team members go through a thorough evaluation of their capabilities, previous experiences and results, discipline and creativity.

Our strategists include marketing leaders, business managers, advertising executives, labor and business lawyers, accountants and auditors, researchers, copywriters, graphic designers, event planners and a strong implementation team.

We all believe in promoting the importance of strategic thinking and action in every business decision. That’s how we build organizations and brands that consumers dream and need, while delivering winning strategies for our clients.


Hebé Lugo

  • Strategic Minds Founder and Designer of the Strategic Minds Methodology and the Strategic Executive Suite
  • President of Strategic Minds International
  • 20 years of business wide experience in marketing, business development, advertising, acceleration of business concepts, startups, personal brand and business to business strategies

We believe Strategists are strongly influenced by their life experiences; Hebé is a romantic entrepreneur, a dreamer, a global citizen, dog lover, experience collector (and some may say adrenaline junkie), culture enthusiast, nature advocate, photographer and writer/blogger. She is a strategic business specialist and entrepreneur focused on changing the course of business.

Since founding Strategic Minds in 2011, she has established herself as a leading business strategy reference, fulfilling her vision as an entrepreneur: to create an option for medium enterprises so they can transform their working methods to compete with large companies through strategic action.

Among her many achievements the growth of the firm Scherrer Hernández & Co. stands out, firm that she led in marketing until the transition to BDO Puerto Rico was completed. Hebé credits her success to the experience she gained growing within the McDonald's system, both in Puerto Rico and internationally, which allowed her to learn a highly structured and successful business model. Since then, she seeks to create new leaders of the industry and their category.


Maruchi López

  • Strategic Minds Implementation Department Director
  • Specializes in Internal Communications Marketing & Advertising
  • 25 years of experience in the advertising industry

Maruchi López is an accomplished, hands-on professional with extensive leadership experience providing brand management, advertising, and marketing communications. Successful at building and directing high performance teams that collaborate as focused units to achieve win-win outcomes. Excels at defining and aligning business, marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns to launch and promote well-known brands across key markets. Highly effective at leveraging key relationships, resources, and project management/negotiation skills to identify and secure business opportunities. Resilient leader has ability to thrive in challenging environments. Passionate about building brand connections with customers to increase sales, profits, brand value and market share.

With over 25 years of experience in the advertising industry, she has worked on a variety of retail and consumer good accounts including First Federal Bank, Doral Bank, JetBlue, Primera Hora, ABC5, Toys R Us, McDonalds, Colgate-Palmolive Puerto Rico and US Hispanic market, Kimpberly-Clark, Unilever and Ford Motor Company among others.


Julio Rivera

  • Strategic Minds Director of Restaurant Specialized Strategy Division
  • Specializes en restaurant operations and improvement process
  • Vast experience leading multi-disciplinary teams with a broad view of business work

Julio Rivera is an Operations professional with more than 20 years of experience in all areas related to restaurant operations. Has had a solid, progressive, and intense career path having been recognized for great analytical abilities and strategic thinking for the development and execution of ideas, delivering great short and long-term results. Innovator and influencer with excellent planning skills that have been key in the effective and efficient implementation on new initiatives. Strong exposure to multidisciplinary teamwork and wide business scope, as well as great assertiveness identifying root causes and generating optimum solutions. Successful at leading multidisciplinary teams to identify, develop and implement market wide solutions to impact sales and profits. Experienced leader working with multiple cultural, economical and government backgrounds around Latin America and Caribbean markets.



Strategic Minds is present in Puerto Rico, United States and Central & Latin America.

Strategic Minds is an international network of strategists founded in Puerto Rico, providing solutions to businesses in Puerto Rico, United States and Latin America. We are constantly evolving the way small and medium business approach their marketing. They key to do so is collaboration. So if you are interested in making our services available to your clients, wish to represent our solutions or be part of the network strategists reach us at info@yourstrategicmind.com.


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Strategic Minds is all about catered strategies that will lead business ideas to their desired success. Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience in growing and obtaining sustainable results for a wide set of industries. There’s no allowing business challenge or need that hasn’t been tackled by one of our strategist before.

If you have the vision, we can provide the strategic planning. If you have a new product, we can take it to market. If you desire sustained growth, we have the resources and the passion to make it happen. Let’s partner and be part of the Business Growth Movement.

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