Maintaining Your Client’s Attention


July 21, 2014 • Strategy • Views: 36998

Nothing attracts a human being’s attention as much as talking to them about themselves. The key to attracting attention in any relationship is showing genuine and sincere interest in the other person’s opinions, needs and views. Attracting the attention of potential customers is no exception.

The successful sales professional is innately talented in the art of highlighting. Even with the greatest of talents, we should remember a few basic points that bring us closer to our potential customers.

First, you need to have a strategy, since planning is the foundation for success. Dozens of leadership programs have been written and passed from generation to generation, reaffirming the importance of visualizing before acting. We must visualize the experience that I want my clients to have in their relationship with my company and me before it’s consistently executed. Experience is key, not to get people to listen to us, to ensure that client retention and increase new referrals.

Have you ever found yourself telling others about your favorite restaurant or service experience, your cell phone features or what you experienced in a specific vacation or hotel? Think of the companies leading those efforts and you will see that you have a clear definition of purpose, a vision of the relationship that they want with you and a defined and well thought out strategy to achieve it.


  • Talk about realistic solutions to their problems. No matter what your product or service are, nothing gets sold as fast as a response to an existing need or one you create yourself.
  • Investigate who they are, what your role is in their life and what situation will be solved for them by your product or service.
  • Recognize and speak their language.
  • Stand out in the places your brand has exposure.
  • Show yourself in public or through advertising.
  • Find out whom their friends are, who else speaks to them and what messages they receive.
  • Distinguish yourself from the clutter of information they receive.
  • Make it your mission to be a constant comfort in their life. We like to surround ourselves with those who present a solution and who make us feel good about our circumstances or ourselves.
  • You should always be present and consistent.
  • We are all sales professionals in the company. To keep the flame alive with your customers, make sure that you deliver on the promise you made them in all interactions with you and your product, service or company. Clients who came to you for a good solution will only stay with you if they receive good service.


  • Keep the promises we made at the time of the sale.
  • Find new and renewed ways to satisfy and learn customers needs to assist them with supplementary products or services.
  • Constantly innovate while focusing on the customer.
  • Show initiative, contact the client frequently and communicate your interest for their welfare in a proactive and genuine manner.
  • Act gratefully and humbly.
  • Make them feel that you value the relationship and constantly exceed their expectations.

By: Hebé Lugo, Strategic Minds Founder
Twitter: @HebeLugo

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