Strategic vs. Tactical Thinking: Empowering the HR Professional


July 23, 2014 • Culture • Views: 72641

There is a big difference between “doing things right” and “doing the right things”. Both assumptions are important to run a successful organization. Nevertheless, the first one is tactical thinking and the second is strategic thinking. An HR manager who adopts a strategic thinking mindset to their everyday, will embrace obstacles more efficiently and enjoy a successful career path.

As the business leader responsible to design and execute all hiring, development and retention initiatives in the organization as well as to provide recommendations and implement policies regarding the effective use of the business most important asset, your main role is to partner with other business leaders and staff within your department to take your strategic vision to another level. Applying your strategic mindset to every decision will ensure that the company employs the best talent available in the market obtaining an unfair strategic advantage over your competitors.

We’ve seen that when trying to solve a business problem, individuals usually think, “How can I solve this situation in a practical, fast and cost effective way?” This is the question tactical thinkers ask themselves.

In order to become a more valuable asset to your company’s CEO and other business leaders, the human resources strategists need to train their brain on how to think strategically to solve business matters taking into consideration business facts, historical data, the business vision and purpose and clients and employees needs with a long-term solution approach and effect. After becoming a successful strategist, the human resources manager will become the sounding board of the leaders in all business disciplines in the strategic planning of their people.

As a result, by thinking strategically, you as the HR manager will be a key piece as you contribute to reduce internal organizational silos, measure growth performance, improve effectiveness to drive profit and unify the consumer experience across multiple channels.

Effective Communication Strategy

In the process to become a strategic mind the HR manager should practice a proactive leadership approach; differentiate between short-term symptoms and long-term root causes when addressing issues and opportunities; and create regular and recurring time with the team for strategic thinking and planning process.

It’s no secret, that every day we face a more complicated and fast-paced work environment that leads professionals to deteriorate their communication skills among their peers. In fact, internal communications is the number one business opportunity when we talk about people today. Developing an effective communication exchange at all levels in the company is one of the biggest challenges of the twenty first century. Although it is a challenge, overcoming it is one of the most powerful drivers to achieve businesses grow and become a sustainable venture.

Designing Strategies at The Situation Room

Strategic Minds Situation Room is the perfect environment to prove your strategic thinking aptitude and skills. The Situation Room is a competitive role-play designed to challenge traditional ways of thinking and perspectives toward business issues, assuring business leaders change their paradigms and design one of a kind strategies to transform their businesses competitive advantages and when taken far enough, their industries.

The Situation Room that will be lectured during this year’s SHRM Convention focused on helping you as HR Manager to take the strategic lead with regards your company’s people and internal communication strategies. This high-level strategic thinking exercise is an asset for business leaders that want to understand how to improve their decision-making skills as well as to understand how other business competitors in their industry could react according to their current resources.

This business planning methodology and marketing tool have helped businesses around the world to design clear business objectives, break traditional ways of thinking, encouraging the strategy-creation process, and mitigating business risks. The Situation Room is a war game exercise that has proved right in military strategic decision for years. In addition to that is the perfect excuse to add excitement and ideas in a cross-business areas perspective.

The Situation Room is for you. For the first time in Puerto Rico, Human Resources Consultants, Career Transitions, Inc. and Business and Advertising Consultants, Strategic Minds, will pair to innovate in the human resources ground.

This exercise will send you back with a clear understanding of strategic versus tactical approaches and the methodology to design your very own human resources plans inside the company. Providing you the tools for business as well as professional growth. The lesson will help you to position yourself as the strategic designer and thought leader you want to be.

By: Hebé Lugo, Strategic Minds Founder
Twitter: @HebeLugo

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