What is a Brand Audit and what steps to consider for a successful one

Strategic Minds Team

Brand Audit A brand audit is useful for companies as it serves to assess how they are positioned in the market. With ...

Steps for the successful communication of new organizational messages

Strategic Minds Team

One process that is usually effective is to bring communication in three main steps; 1) Assimilation, 2) Training, 3)...

How Does Automation Helps in Marketing.

Strategic Minds Team

HOW DOES AUTOMATION HELP IN MARKETING? Let's first talk about automation, which refers to machines or automatic proce...

High Performance Sales Culture

Strategic Minds Team

High Performance Sales Culture by: Dr. José Méndez Cruz A company's organizational culture is often tied to elements...

A day in life of a strategist

Strategic Minds Team

Enterprises have different types of leaders with a variety of cultures, stages, and growth levels. In order to reach ...

A brand, dying or evolving

Strategic Minds Team

When we think of a brand, dozens of names surely come to mind. But a brand is not “a name”.

Knowing your Internal Customer

Strategic Minds Team

Every day we look for ways to develop our companies by maximizing their resources and presenting the best offers and ...

How to improve public costumer services with omnichannels?

Strategic Minds Team

Omnichannel systems improve the relationship between governments and their citizens, an essential issue since public ...

Omnichannel: Say Goodbye to Call-Centers

Strategic Minds Team

In the era of strategic marketing, traditional call-center systems become obsolete in the face of new forms of intera...

La Carrera de las 26 millas

Hebé Lugo

Las metas importantes en la vida, regularmente se logran con el debido enfoque y disciplina. Cuando vemos...

¿Cómo mejorar tu negocio? El impacto de un Coach.

Hebé Lugo

Día a día trabajamos largas horas en nuestro negocio. Pensamos en que productos podemos lanzar para aumen...

El Rol de Estratega

Hebé Lugo

Los empresarios deben incorporar dentro de su equipo de trabajo a individuos con mentalidad y tras...
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