High Performance Sales Culture

High Performance Sales Culture
by: Dr. José Méndez Cruz

A company's organizational culture is often tied to elements of personal development, work environment, job esteem, ergonomics, and employee satisfaction. However, we rarely hear about the importance of high-performance culture in sales.

A high-performance culture is framed by growth patterns, development expectations, and guaranteed results. This motivational and modern culture allows companies to generate proactive strategies so that sales agents recognize the path they are taking, project themselves to the end of the road and define the strategy to reach the goal. Companies that implement a high-performance culture generate more commitment, productivity, and innovation in sales management.

When a company applies the best administrative, psychological, and motivational practices within an organizational compensation strategy based on results and performance, it causes its performance to achieve a different meaning for its entire sales team. These dynamic fosters a vision of internal and external progress whose primary goal is a win-win between employee and company.

However, a few questions are essential to ask yourself before starting this endeavor to assess how prepared your company is to implement a high-performance sales culture.

  • Are the leaders focused on the sales goal?
  • Is there recognition and support within sales management?
  • Our sales agents achieving maximum production?
  • What is the degree of motivation in sales management?
  • Is feedback a common practice in your company?

By the time you generate answers to these questions and have a clear understanding of the current scenario in which your company is growing, you will have taken the first step to outline the needs of all parties and have the information that will allow you to define a high-performance sales culture plan.

To achieve an effective high-performance culture, it is advisable to carry out the following actions:

  • Evaluate the company's historical performance
  • Study the growth of the company and its workforce
  • Establish measurable and achievable goals
  • Establish and define Organizational Culture Plan tied to Goals 
  • Clearly define and publish expected performance
  • Encourage employee feedback
  • Establish an interpersonal team development strategy
  • Evaluate and report on changes and results in a positive light
  • Systematize results and provide visibility to the entire team on their progress

Indeed, companies that consider recognizing and living a high-performance sales culture maximize their internal and external presence turn their business more profitable, and achieve higher employee retention. In short, the most crucial thing in the development and implementation of a high-performance sales culture is to achieve a cutting-edge organizational climate that results in steady growth and recognition within the market, which will be the best sign of success. Success!

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