How Does Automation Helps in Marketing.


Let's first talk about automation, which refers to machines or automatic procedures in carrying out a process. Now, this applied to marketing… what does it mean? How does it work? How does it help? Let's see!

Marketing automation is a process that is used to perform certain repetitive actions in an automated way. For example, sending emails, creating subscriber lists, lead scoring, lead nurturing, calls or responses on social networks. All these actions can be mechanized using specific software. The objective of marketing automation is to prioritize and execute the tasks defined in the digital marketing strategy more efficiently. Large and medium-sized companies have been using this technology for years. Now, it is within the reach of any business, whatever its size.

And what is its advantage? Well, you will achieve goals faster. This is possible thanks to the fact that with marketing automation processes, more quality leads are generated. Marketing has evolved over the years and now seeks to reach customers without being intrusive and in a personalized way. The correct implementation in the digital marketing strategy serves to create specific messages that arrive at the right time and to the right person. More and more companies are betting on marketing automation since its effectiveness has been proven compared to other techniques.



Automation has many advantages, especially in inbound marketing strategies, as it helps improve customer acquisition, conversion, and loyalty. By using automation, you achieve better productivity because you save time. For example, when designing an email marketing campaign, the emails will be sent at the same time, and it will reach potential customers who have shown interest in your product or service. The same will happen with a campaign of automated calls. You will be able to complete many calls in record time.

You will also achieve better segmentation when implementing automation. Segmentation is key to increasing conversions. The better segmented your target audience is, the more chances of success you have. With marketing automation software, you can create lists of leads based on their purchase intent, interests, and other aspects. By segmenting more precisely, you automatically classify your potential customers according to their purchase intention. This way, you can offer valuable content that helps you establish a more direct relationship with your leads, you will have more chances of success. Therefore, you optimize the cost of the lead.

In short, automation allows you to optimize time and resources. When implementing this technology, the actions are programmed and executed by the software. Thus, for example, you avoid being aware of analyzing and responding to each email or each comment on social networks. Automation is the solution to reach more customers and facilitate the work of doing so.

Do you think automation would help your company? Then it is time to act and implement it as soon as possible. Our team at Strategic Minds can help you get started right away.

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