Steps for the successful communication of new organizational messages

By: Dr. José Méndez Cruz


Global changes in customer trends, interests and expectations will always lead to transformation in organizational messages. These messages can be changes in the company's philosophies, new values, mission and goals. That is why, when implementing this transformation, the company must be aware of what is expected to achieve and what processes will lead to the success of this communication. One process that is usually effective is to bring communication in three main steps; 1) Assimilation, 2) Training, 3) Strengthening. Let's see below these steps and how to implement them effectively.


1) Assimilation; The company has to understand how these messages and the philosophy of the company contribute directly to achieve the goals and objectives established. To deliver a message effectively an organizational communication plan must be created, and in this way add value and meaning to the new message. This communication should seek to ensure that the members of the company keep their constant commitment to customers and guarantee a 5-star experience.


The new message has to be fit into the organizational identity. The message must show the  values of the company and its history. The new message must be remarkable and be present in the service, experience and philosophy of the company. Rather than understanding it theoretically, it must be lived in a practical way.


2) Training; The company must provide employees with clear meanings about the message, as well as the importance it has in their daily roles. To achieve this, you can have forums with employees, workshops and/or fraternization activities that could help generate greater awareness of the message.


Allow members to learn the value of the message and show the message from a personal perspectiveand tied to their interests. This is also achieved by generating clear communication through examples of success stories that validate effective implementation by employees.


3) Strengthening: New messages and the communication of values and goals should be used as a bridge to results and set new action plans and expectations of organizational service. It is recommended to establish goal awareness and achievement measurement plans.


Establish a continuous monitoring and reward plan for those members of the organization who practice it successfully. This allows us to maintain a high degree of commitment and alertness of employees.


When the company integrates these considerations into its organizational culture and philosophy, it directly encourages the effective implementation of the new message, and achieves more successful and measurable results. It should be noted that this effort must take place within dialogue, training and motivation. A good exercise in communicating the message will guarantee the following benefits:


  • Achieve the goals faster


  • Make better decisions


  • Have a clear vision of others' goals


  • Establish effective communication internally and externally


If together we see the same goal, clearly define the new organizational messages and practice the same values, together we will enjoy the same results and the success of the company. Go ahead!

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