President and CEO of Strategic Minds, Hebé Lugo, has graduated from the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10K SB program and plans to expand services in the United States

Hebé Lugo, founder and CEO of Strategic Minds International, LLC, recently completed the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program (10KSB). This program has been developed with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs create jobs and economic growth opportunities by providing access to education, capital, and business support services.

“This process has given us the opportunity to create alliances with companies in other territories to expand our clientele in the United States. With this experience we obtained the validation of how necessary our services are for all companies looking to optimize operations and grow. Once the vision for growth is set, we all need to develop and nurture our teams and technology to leverage our positioning to increase sales and improve customer experience, services that Strategic Minds provide. Not being an exception. We will be implementing the plan developed in the program with a view to increase our outreach and help more entrepreneurs in this hectic but rewarding world of business opportunities,” said Hebé.

At Strategic Minds, customer experience services such as the Contact Center, staff training, and business and marketing strategies are integrated for better business development of any company. Skillful entrepreneurs recognize the importance of strengthening their ventures by improving these disciplines factors and recognize that their priority is to increase investment in marketing, document their processes, and recruit and motivate the staff. That's where we come in with a proven methodoly that integrates it all in a sound plan and execution. This process has given our company a structure to continue growing.

“The Strategic Minds advisory group recognizes the importance of their participation as experts in the development of each of our clients and I will pass these learnings on to them so that they can reinforce their approach to service and performance in favor of those who trust in our services.” Lugo concluded.

The goal at Strategic Minds is to provide business development tools that yield immediate benefits. 98% of our clients show that they achieve their sales growth goals in the first year of service. The combination of offerings empowers entrepreneurs and their staff to achieve the proposed objectives to make permanent improvements in the performance of operations, organizational culture, and sales.

In everything Strategic Minds does, injects a mentality of sustained growth into work teams, thus achieving new goals and constantly rewriting the history of the business.

We appreciate the initiative of Goldman Sacks in the development and growth of entrepreneurs and the opportunity it provides to bring out the best in participants. More than 140 small business owners from 37 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico participated in the session of December of this year.


All businesses start small. Congratulations to all Goldman Sachs 10K SB Program 2021 participants!

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