Market yourself correctly and achieve that goal that is so important to you

Founder of Strategic Minds, Hebé Lugo and her team of strategic consultants share their process for a remarkable image in her book: Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs.

Completing this personal evaluation and positioning process, in addition to making you feel good, will encourage you to create rewarding relationships that transcend and will make it easier for you to achieve your business goals. From reaching the standing you desire to influencing your work team, the Personal Brand for Entrepreneurs will inspire you to achieve the growth and connections you need to accomplish your professional purpose.


Do you need a part-time work team?

Our marketing and operations team is the heart of our business and the reason Strategic Minds was founded over a decade ago.

Whether you are designing a new product line, launching a new offering, or doing the marketing of the company yourself, Strategic Minds is the alternative to having an "in-house" team. Our group of strategists will work as long as you need to conceptualize and execute the correct strategy to achieve the desired results without affecting the current operation of your business.

Select the timeframe you want, and we will provide the ideal resource for you. The supervision? Leave it to us.

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Tired of dealing with unmotivated employees, lack of resources, service complaints and more?

One of the main challenges of customer service is to turn each interaction into an experience that contributes to win more fans of your company or brand.

Managing experiences is a specialized job that requires up-to-date technology and motivated technical-professional employees. It is at that point where the result of your business occurs.

At the Strategic Minds Contact Center we go beyond service to provide an experience that communicates your brand and the relationship you want to have with your client. This and the professional development of our representatives guarantees the satisfaction of your clients and (therefore) the growth of your business.

Take advantage of each interaction to establish a relationship with your client, use the multi-channel service of Strategic Minds.


Open Doors with Bettina Mercado and Hebé Lugo


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