Let's stop thinking about pregnant birds

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With the accelerated growth of a company, the well-known “growing pains” or challenges also come to visit us. These arise from having to adjust to new processes and new structures that give us the basis for growth. Likewise, strategies are carried out within the strategic business plan to achieve sales, and in addition to designing communication campaigns to attract the ideal consumers, also companies that are disposed to growth are responsible for designing internal strategies focused on the management of operations and people.

Attracting customers to your company without the internal structure to satisfy your product offering is a decision that can affect the reputation and growth of your business in the long term. By this I mean that when defining business strategies, we cannot put aside defining a robust internal communication strategy for your people.

Defining the operational strategy will help us develop the relevant structure to provide and maintain our competitive advantage. On the other hand, people's strategy is what will ultimately make many of these things possible.

The value provided by a communication strategy and internal focus is incalculable. Let's stop thinking about pregnant birds ... it would be wrong to assume that we are going to conquer new horizons by doing things the same way we did before. Our work team also needs to go through a paradigm shift.

One of the main functions of the internal communication strategy is to “sell” your expansion vision to your first clients. Our work team is our number one enthusiast, it is the seller of our products and it is at the end of the day who delivers the final quality in the hands of our customers.

One of the benefits of sharing with your work team is that you will receive enough feedback to solidify your offer and your positioning, but it is not the only one.

  • Behavior transformation aligned to achieve business goals.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Focus on what is really important.
  • Review of operational structures.
  • Review of possible limitations.
  • A motivated and committed workforce.

These are just a few of the added benefits.

After documenting our vision for global expansion, the first thing we did was communicate it with our employees. The constant repetition gave us the opportunity to arouse enough curiosity in our team to want to be part of the cultural transformation.

Do we eliminate the “growing pains”? It is too early to know and surely not, but we are ready to work as a group all focused on what is important for the company and based on results.

The time to work on strategic plans is coming. At that time, don't forget to include a strategic plan focused on your people. Do you want to enjoy the benefits of an internal communication campaign focused on growth results? Call us, every company needs one and we have a great product to help you with that.

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By: Hebé Lugo, President of Strategic Minds
Twitter: @HebeLugo

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