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I must start this writing by saying that I am not the same person as a year and a half ago. When I decided that it was time to change my career path, which had been consistent for the past 7 years within the nonprofit industry and business development, I was looking precisely to break out of that consistency and expose myself to people who could move me. floor. At that moment I decided to approach a person that I admired professionally and who knew that he had the hunger to grow his company that was just 1 and a half years old. "Without change, there is no growth" I heard from many people, leaving the comfortable zone would have become at that moment my personal and professional goal, recognizing that many times that comfortable zone was a reason for safety

On December 17, 2012, I became part of the team at Strategic Minds, a company founded by Hebé Lugo. From that moment, my training began - one that would have an impact on the results of us as a company and on our clients' businesses. He would officially wear the hat of a strategic mind! That certainly came with serious responsibilities and above all a change in mentality. It is common to be prepared to act tactically, but when we think about strategy, we certainly want to encourage thinking about the result we want to obtain through the use of critical analysis as a method of reaching conclusions.

That critical analysis is what we use when we think about growth strategies for our clients, and the truth is that it takes practice and discipline. A strategic mind adds value when it recommends research-based solutions, when it defines measurement metrics, when it develops organizational goals and plans well before acting. As Hebé says: “Measure twice, cut once”. In the end the result is tangible, our clients like to think with us and for me that is real confirmation that we are adding value as an external strategic mind of their companies ... in the end, that is our name or is it?

By: Joanna M. Pérez Doble, Project Manager at Strategic Minds


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