The 26 Mile Race

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Important goals in life are regularly achieved with proper focus and discipline. When we see athletes reaching the Olympics, teams participating in the World Cup, or our friend who completes a marathon, we regularly follow them with great admiration.

What do these characters and a company have in common? They all go for the 26 mile race. Only .5% of the total US population has completed a marathon. When you set out to run a marathon, recognize that beyond your ability and good athleticism, it takes determination and discipline to train every day to reach the goal.

As in a training for this type of career, a business that wants to be part of the percentage of successful companies with global reach needs a rigorous training process and a high level of commitment to achieve results.

How did our company achieve focus and discipline for this career?

  • We understood that we cannot do it alone. We accept the guidance and inspiration of successful leaders and embrace them as mentors.
  • We share our vision with other companies in our category and create alliances that make us stronger in our offer to our clients.
  • We focus on only one target group at a time, designing a unique product that solves a pressing problem on your priority list.
  • We established the processes and internal culture to provide a high quality product in each interaction with the client.
  • We select the correct support team to address these particular daily needs.
  • We behave each day consistently in line with our speech.
  • We go out to sell our product every day.

At Strategic Minds we race as a team. Some of us dream, others document, and a team of people remains focused on processes and results. In the 26-mile race, we have managed to reach places that alone would have taken us too long and every day we celebrate one more mile on the way to our goal. As good runners, we continue to work with discipline and a character of innovation with the clear focus of bringing a little of Puerto Rico to the world.

By: Hebé Lugo, President Strategic Minds
Twitter: @HebeLugo

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