How to improve public costumer services with omnichannels?

Strategic Minds Team

Omnichannel systems improve the relationship between governments and their citizens, an essential issue since public ...

Omnichannel: Say Goodbye to Call-Centers

Strategic Minds Team

In the era of strategic marketing, traditional call-center systems become obsolete in the face of new forms of intera...

The 26 Mile Race

Hebé Lugo

Important goals in life are regularly achieved with proper focus and discipline. When we see athletes rea...

How to improve your business? The impact of a Coach.

Hebé Lugo

Day by day we work long hours in our business. We think about what products we can launch to increase sal...

The Role of Strategist

Hebé Lugo

Entrepreneurs must incorporate into their work team individuals with a strategic mentality and bac...

The moment is now!

Hebé Lugo

I must start this writing by saying that I am not the same person as a year and a half ago. When I...

6 benefits of integrating Strategic Planning

Hebé Lugo

Strategic planning has become an important action within companies that seek to identify opportunities fo...

Measuring your business strategy through indicators

Hebé Lugo

"What can be measured can be improved" - Peter F. Drucker   In business, as in real life, we need indicat...

Marketing Strategy: Expense or Investment?

Hebé Lugo

Strategic thinking and action are two highly relevant issues in the development and expansion of a...

Strategies to accelerate your growth

Hebé Lugo

Business development programs at the Puerto Rico and world levels are dedicated to promoting and e...

Innovation or Strategy?

Hebé Lugo

Two of the most used words in the business environment today are innovation and strategy. We've ta...

Let's stop thinking about pregnant birds

Hebé Lugo

With the accelerated growth of a company, the well-known “growing pains” or challenges also come to visit...
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