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We are a consulting firm that provides strategy, marketing, training and customer relationship management services - contact center.

Our focus is on the functions, processes and offerings related to the growth of the company. Our clients are high-level executives and successful business owners preparing to expand their business, grow sustainably and lead in their category. Founded in 2011, Strategic Minds was born from the passion of local clients to grow and the constant challenge of developing the operational sales and marketing structure that is essential to achieve it. We serve the public and private sector with local and multinational operations. Our goal is to work side-by-side with our clients, providing them with the tools and services necessary to lead in their category.

Through our proprietary methodology, we apply principles of marketing and consumer behavior to all company decisions, helping our clients make smart choices on their growth journey.

At Strategic Minds we empower our clients and their work teams to make permanent improvements to the performance of their business model, operations, culture, marketing, sales and all the areas necessary to achieve sustained growth and a profitable operation.


Hebé is a passionate businesswoman with a vision of constant change and growth. In his 20+ years of career she has gained vast experience in: strategy development and implementation, business structures with a focus on marketing, business development, advertising, business acceleration, new business establishment, culture transformation, mergers & acquisitions and business expansion, both local and international. Since she founded Strategic Minds in 2011, she has established herself as a recognized leader in strategy matters and has successfully executed her vision of creating a consulting firm that serves the needs of midsize companies. Hebé counts with a Strategic Minds team that assists in the transformation of its processes and structure to compete in the global market.

Among her achievements are the growth of the consulting firm Scherrer Hernández & Co. while she was leading the marketing and business development function. Hebé credits her success to the experience she gained in her first ten years of career, where she served in multiple positions within the McDonald's system. These included having started her career in operations with the opportunity to experience the perspective of the front-line employee and the interaction with the customer.

In addition, she held positions in the areas of training in leadership and business management, marketing, sales, development and product validation. These experiences allowed her to learn a structured and successful work system and business model. Since then, she has sought to convert that vision to entities of all sizes, instilling a culture based on excellence and focused on results. Today, Hebé concentrates on leading the Strategic Minds team and developing new solutions for businesses and institutions' most pressing issues.

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