A conversation with Hebé

How do you create relationships that transcend?

THROUGH TIME I have developed my own rules and life processes to achieve consistent success. I observe, listen, live and learn every day from the experiences that I come across, mine and those of others. During these times I have learned that relationships with others are the most important asset I have. A healthy family gives me the energy to keep moving forward, good friends accompany me on the path of my dreams, and business relationships sometimes lead me to where I want to go. The way I behave with others is a reflection of this. I always seek to be genuine and the best possible version of myself; putting others first, dedicating quality time to learn more about them, their dreams and perspectives; their wishes make me seek more than I want too. I want to listen, learn and know more than talk and if it's my turn, I try to be the most interesting thing I can be to captivate others. Once you arrive in my life I want you to stay in it and I work for that."

By: Hebé Lugo
Enthusiast of Humanity, the World and its cultures • Business Strategist • Writer • Daughter • Sister • Friend


Be Genuine Always

A life well lived

Be consistent

Take an interest in others

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