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The Strategic Minds Leadership Academy brings more than a decade of experiences with hundreds of companies, both local and international. Through these 40 hours of integrated training, we translate your business strategy and processes into specific tasks and actions that empower your team to work with you, to achieve the goals and growth of your company. Our vision is to promote and motivate change while inspiring a growth mindset and a results-oriented culture at all levels of the organization. Our approach starts with the key positions: your leadership team, the sales force, and your service agents. This results into operational structure, more sales, and satisfied customers, every time.

The Sales Leadership Academy is a development program that integrates the company's multiple sales disciplines: direct selling, consultative selling, and tele-sales. In this 24-hour contact program, participants will be able to compare notes with the most competitive members of the team, allowing them to learn the best of the best. This program is based on best sales practices from dozens of industries, bringing new perspectives that will help your team serve the right customer in the right way.

The Service Leadership Academy is an empowerment workshop for the Customer Service team that will help them to get to know your customers and their needs in depth to surprise them with the excellent service they deserve. In this 8-hour contact program, participants will learn important topics about empathy, projection and handling of difficult situations.

The Management Leadership Academy is an 8-hour contact program over a four-week period. Every week the members of the middle management team receive a work module. This module will lead them to design and implement a growth structure and culture within the company. They will work in the areas of staff recruitment and retention, execution of strategies and operations, marketing and administration of programs and growth initiatives. By completing our Management Academy they will be able to develop, implement and monitor your business growth plan. This program is based on selected best practices from business acceleration programs for high-impact entrepreneurs, and the strategic planning processes we use in developing strategies for Strategic Minds clients.

All of our programs offer a complete experience based on the professional level and interests of the participants.


Our content is designed taking into consideration dynamic learning practices and knowledge of the needs of leaders and their work teams. All our workshops have an orientation session for the instructor to attune some elements of the class to the language and needs of the client.


Our instructors and facilitators are business consultants with years of experience in the areas of strategy, leadership, operational excellence, marketing, and sales.


Each Strategic Minds Academy class is updated with best practices in sales, service, and management topics as recommended by participants. Hundreds of years of experience in a single intervention!


Our workshops are flexible and tailored to the needs of our clients. It is a good time to invest in your people!

Our online workshops receive a maximum number of participants to maintain the quality and attention of each individual. All exercises, dynamics and calendars have been adapted for digital interaction, ensuring that the quality of education is maintained in each intervention.


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